Grupo Industrial Saltillo demands the highest level of professionalism from all its employees, associates, clients and suppliers. That is why operational standards are clearly set out in its Ethics Code.

GIS demands strict adherence to its Core Values as a fundamental condition to preserve its reputation as an ethical corporation.

Our Ethics Code embraces 13 policies, which are listed below:


  • 1. Communication
  • 2. Employment
  • 3. Hostile environment
  • 4. Sexual harassment
  • 5. Conflict of Interest
  • 6. Quality Focused on Client Satisfaction
  • 7. Safety, Health and Environment Protection
  • 8. Business practices
  • 9. Relations with suppliers
  • 10. Money laundering (Bleaching of Capital)
  • 11. Information and Record Control
  • 12. Protection and private confidential/privileged information
  • 13. Anti-corruption


We invite you to get to know our values better by downloading and reading our Ethics Code.

If you are aware of a breach on one of the policies of the Code of Ethics, we appreciate your help reporting it in person or
anonymously. We show you how to do it in the following methods: