Our Collaborators

We consider our people as our very driving force, therefore we have stablished programs and actions to improve our working
conditions by aligning communications with Top Management and collaborator recognition.

In order to have a highly trained and committed team, we designed the ā€œGIS Competency and Development Programā€
which provides training options for the improvement of key management competences, which we consider as a core
element of our organizational performance.

GIS Commandments is a document that consolidates our organizational philosophy: Mission, Vision, our Values and
Foundations which helps us to build our Groupā€™s growth path and serves as a guide for alignment to the organizational culture.

The Code of Ethics, based on GIS Values, is a document that provides a guideline for proper behavior of our collaborators and related
public, in compliance with the companyā€™s policies, conduct standards and GIS Commandments.

For further information about our Code of Ethics, click on the link below.