Our families and communities

Since its foundation, over nine decades ago, GIS promotes activities and programs for the development and welfare of the communities where we operate.

We participate in various projects in conjunction with our stakeholders, seeking to promote education, health, sports, and environmental sustainability.

For over four decades, one of the most emblematic activities supported by GIS has been the ā€œCarrera San Isidro 15kā€, where we have sought to promote health and integration for our Collaborators and the families of our state Coahuila.

Our employees organize and support volunteering activities that improve the housing and schooling conditions of the most needed communities.

We support non-governmental organizations for environmental care as well as strategies to help underprivileged children, the elderly, and organizations focused on disease prevention.

Furthermore, various mechanisms have been established by GIS which seek to provide training, education, and human development for its employees and stakeholders.

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